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Oneodio Fusion A70 wireless headphones (gold)

Are you looking for headphones that will serve not only for listening to music on the phone, but also as professional DJ equipment? OneOdio headphones will be an excellent choice! Using special audio cables, you can connect them not only to your smartphone and tablet, but also to your speakers or guitar. Don't like tangled cables? This problem will also disappear, thanks to the possibility of wire-free connection of equipment. In addition, they will also be comfortable to use thanks to their excellent design.

Multiple connection options

OneOdio headphones have multiple connection options. With a single 3.5mm to 6.35mm cable, you can connect them equally to laptops, tablets and phones, but also to an electric guitar, AMP or audio interfaces. In addition, special technology will allow two people to simultaneously listen to the same music on two different devices. Tired of tangled cables? With the ability to connect the headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.2, you can forget about this problem!

Long working time

Connecting the headphones via a dedicated cable, you can use them without limits. If you choose a wireless connection, you can enjoy their long operation, up to 50 hours. They owe this to their large Li-ion battery with a capacity of 950 mAh. This makes them the ideal equipment for a professional DJ.

Excellent quality

The OneOdio A70 headphones will give you excellent sound with every connection. When you choose a wired connection, you can lock the plug so it won't disconnect at the least opportune moment. What's more, convenient buttons on the side of the headphones allow you to use them comfortably. They're also equipped with noise-canceling technology so that when you're on the phone, your caller can hear every word you say.

Comfortable use

The A70 headphones were created with comfort in mind. The headband is adjustable so that you are able to adjust the equipment to fit your head properly. What's more, you can freely rotate the ear cups to a 90-degree angle, and the whole equipment can be folded. For better storage and transportation, make use of the bag that comes with the set. You also don't have to worry about wearing the headphones for a long time, as their earcups are very soft, making them very comfortable to use.


  • A70 headphones
  • 6.35mm to 3.5mm cable x 1
  • 3.5mm audio cable x 1
  • USB charging cable x 1
  • User manual
  • Bag


ConnectivityAudio cable 3.5 mm / 6.35 mm, Bluetooth 5.2
Wireless operating timeUp to 50 hours
BatteryLi-ion, 950 mAh

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