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Oneodio A71D wired headphones (black)

Do you work remotely? Have long conversations with friends online? Or do you like to immerse yourself in the world of a good game? Whatever your activity, the OneOdio A71D headphones will give you the best listening experience. The detachable omnidirectional microphone effectively reduces background noise, so your interlocutors will clearly hear everything you have to say to them. The headphones work with most gaming platforms, and support consoles from well-known manufacturers such as PS, Nintendo Switch, XBox, etc. The product features a foldable design and finish, so you'll enjoy long-lasting comfort.

Fantastic sound

The Oneodio A71D headphones guarantee sound in excellent quality. The 40-millimeter drivers ensure precise reproduction, and the wide frequency response will let you hear crystal clear highs and poignantly deep bass. Enjoy a wealth of musical details and let yourself become even more immersed in your favorite game!

Design that deserves attention

Now using the headphones will be even more comfortable! Oneodio A71D are distinguished by their foldable design, so you can easily store the headphones when you don't need them. What's more, you can easily adjust them to your needs with the adjustable headband, and the ability to rotate the ear cups will allow you to uncover your ear without removing the headphones from your head. Extremely soft finishes of the headband and earcups will provide you with full comfort even during long hours of use.

With or without a microphone?

The headphones are equipped with a detachable microphone, which will allow you to make voice calls comfortably. The microphone is omnidirectional, which means that it collects ambient sound in a circular fashion. The received signal sounds very natural, so your interlocutors will clearly hear everything you have to say to them. Enjoy high-quality conversations or unplug the microphone when you don't need it!

Wide compatibility

The product works with a wide range of equipment, and thanks to the 3.5mm mini jack connector, you'll hook it up to almost any device. The headphones are compatible with most gaming platforms and will work perfectly with PS, Nintendo, or XBox. Enjoy perfect immersion during any game!


  • Oneodio A71D headphones with built-in audio cable x 1
  • Detachable microphone x 1
  • Extension cable "Y" x 1
  • User manual x 1


Transducers40 mm
Frequency response20 Hz - 20 kHz
Microphone typeDetachable, omnidirectional
Type of connectorMini jack 3.5 mm

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