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Oneodio A10 wireless headphones (black)

Discover the magic of music all over again. The Oneodio A10 headphones feature 40-millimeter silk-diaphragm drivers, so you'll delight in clear and richly detailed high-definition sound. They support noise cancellation and Transparency mode, and have a runtime of up to 45 hours on a single charge.

High-end sound

Experience how good your favorite songs can sound. The A10 headphones feature 40-millimeter drivers with a silk diaphragm. As a result, you'll enjoy crystal clear and crisp sound with a wide frequency range.

ANC function

Don't let noise get in the way of your music and podcast listening. The Oneodio headphones support an ANC function of up to 35 dB. This allows the A10 to suppress up to 95% of unnecessary sounds. Now you can focus on your entertainment even in a crowded mall or bus.

Transparency mode

Don't lose touch with your surroundings. The A10 provides Transparency Mode so you won't miss an important announcement at the train station and you can hear when someone is talking to you, even while listening to your beloved tunes.

Long runtime

One charge is enough for you to enjoy the Oneodio headphones for 45 hours. During this time you can listen to 675 songs, watch 25 movies or hold 45 remote meetings. What's more, you'll renew the hardware's energy in no time using the USB-C port. A 5-minute charge is enough for the headphones to serve you for another 2 hours. The thoughtful design makes using the A10 extremely convenient.


  • Headphones x1
  • 3.5mm cable x1
  • Charging cable x1
  • Case x1
  • User manual x1


Transducers40 mm
Operating time on a single charge45 hours
ANC noise cancellation functionup to 35 dB
OtherTryb Transparency

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