Ακουστικά Lenovo HT38 TWS (Μαύρο)

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Lenovo HT38 TWS Wireless Headphones

Enjoy great sound quality when you listen to music and when you talk on the phone. The Lenovo HT38 TWS Wireless Headphones feature 13mm drivers and HD microphones, and with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, they deliver reliable transmission. They're also extremely lightweight and comfortable, with up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Stunning sound

With 13mm drivers and dual diaphragms, the HT38 headphones will take your music experience to a whole new level. Crystal-clear sound, rich detail and excellent tone balance all provide you with an unforgettable musical experience.

Reliable transmission with ultra-low latency

Modern Bluetooth 5.0 provides fast, stable and seamless signal transmission with a range of up to 10m. It also guarantees extremely low latency, so you can watch movies or play games without interruption and enjoy perfect picture and sound synchronization.

Long runtime - fast charging

The fully charged headphones can play music for about 5 hours. Their convenient yet fast charging is made possible by the included case with a 250mAh battery. To fully charge the HT38, you only need about 1.5 hours! The case is so light and compact that you can always carry it with you.

Serve them by touch

Get convenient access to the most important headphone functions without having to reach for your phone. The HT38 have built-in touchpads that you can use to easily control playback, answer the phone, hang up or reject a call. You can also activate the Siri voice assistant. Just a few taps away!

Ergonomic design

Listen to music for hours without fear of discomfort. The headphones feature a carefully thought-out ergonomic design that fits snugly in your ears without pinching them. And they won't annoy you by falling out. They are also incredibly light - you won't even feel that you are wearing them.

Bluetooth version5.0
RangeUp to 10m
Headphone battery capacity30mAh
Case battery capacity250mAh
Playback timeAbout 5h
Charging timeAbout 1.5h

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