Ακουστικά gaming Dareu EH416s, Jack 3.5mm RGB (μαύρο)


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Dareu EH416s gaming headphones

Dareu EH416s are sleek gaming headphones that let you hear every opponent perfectly and react to their movements instantly. Ergonomic design and light weight means that you can wear them for many hours without feeling any discomfort. The product is equipped with TRRS 3.5mm and USB connectors, which ensures wide compatibility. The bendable microphone allows you to communicate freely with other players, and the colorful RGB backlighting gives the headphones a unique gaming character.

Don't let your opponent surprise you

A high-end 50mm speaker is responsible for the fantastic sound quality. It provides enhanced bass and crystal clear, natural audio, which will allow you to clearly hear the footsteps of your sneaking opponents. You'll be able to pinpoint their location and pre-empt their attack to ensure victory.

Play for hours without fear of discomfort

The ear cups of the headphones are made of skin-friendly material. Thanks to this, they fit perfectly to your ears and immediately return to their original shape - even after a long time of wearing. And they don't put too much pressure on your ears. The headphones are also very light, so they provide the desired comfort of use.

Free communication with other players

The headphones are equipped with a practical microphone that can be bent in any direction within 360°. It captures the human voice perfectly, so you can plan the tactics for the next game with other team members. What's more, noise cancellation and a special windproof mesh allow you to talk freely in almost any conditions.

Solid construction and gaming backlighting

The perfectly considered design of the headphones makes them both stylish and durable. The double headband with metal elements is resistant to damage and incredibly durable. The black color and matte finish give the product a simple yet elegant feel. The headphones also feature colorful RGB gaming backlighting, making them a great addition to your gaming gear.

Rated power10mW
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz
Connectors3.5mm TRRS, USB
Supply voltage5V±0.5V
Speaker diameter50mm
Microphone sensitivity-42±3dB
Microphone S/N ratio60dB or more
Microphone DirectionalityOmnidirectional
Microphone output impedance2.2KΩ
Microphone dimensions (diameter x height)6x2.7mm
Microphone operating voltageDC 1-10V
Microphone frequency response100-10,000 Hz

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