PGYTECH Χειρολαβή & Επέκταση κοντάρι (P-GM-105)

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PGYTECH Multi-Purpose Extension Pole - Expand your recording capabilities

PGYTECH's practical extension pole weighs just 113g and is less than 15cm long when folded. This extreme compactness makes it the perfect travel companion - you can always have it at hand and use it to record stunning footage whenever you want. The accessory is rugged and easy to use, making it ideal for any situation.




Compatible with your equipment

The extension pole can be used with most of the equipment you may work with. You can successfully mount DJI, Gopro and other cameras, iPhones and other smartphones from well-known manufacturers on it. Such high compatibility is ensured by a standard 1/4" adapter.




More tripod application possibilities

This accessory will also work great as a tripod extension. This way you can also use it to create stable, static shots. Take advantage of these possibilities to enjoy even more flexibility and make spectacular footage exactly the way you want it.




Adjust the length to your needs

The device offers 5-step length adjustment. This makes it quick, easy and convenient to adjust it to your needs. At its maximum extension, the pole is 56cm long. This is enough to enable you to create even the most demanding shots. Adjusting the length is very smooth and easy - just twist the tube in the right direction.




Enjoy the comfort of use

High-grade aluminum is used in the pole, making it lightweight yet durable. Anti-slip features on the handle provide a secure grip and prevent the device from slipping out of your hand. All this provides unparalleled comfort of use.




You can always have it with you

The pole is perfect for any situation. You can use it every day or take it on a trip to help you create beautiful shots. Its light weight and compact size mean that it can accompany you almost anywhere. You can fit it in your bag, backpack, or even your pocket, and when you get a chance to record something interesting, you just take it out and use it!







Compatible with 

DJI Osmo Pocket 2
DJI Osmo Action
DJI Osmo Mobile 5


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