Θήκη / Πλαίσιο με βάση Telesin για το Insta360 GO 2 (IS-CFR-002) λευκό

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Telelesin IS-CFR-002 housing frame for Insta360 Go2 camera

Keep your Insta360 Go2 sports camera safe and gain the ability to create even more interesting shots. The easy-to-install housing frame by Telesin is extremely durable and provides your device with effective protection from damage. It allows you to record from different perspectives and is compatible with accessories such as wrist straps or selfie sticks. Lightweight and handy - you can always carry it with you.


Reliable protection

The housing frame is made of durable ABS and PC, so it can provide your camera with resistance to shock and various types of damage. Even a fall from a small height will not frighten it! The product is also perfectly matched to the Insta360 Go2, which makes it guarantees unparalleled stability.


Record from any angle

The included mount allows you to record from different angles. Mount your housing camera on it and get a new perspective! Position the device the way you want and create a stunning shot fully in line with your vision. Almost nothing limits you!


Many application possibilities

The frame is light as a feather and compact enough to have on hand at all times - it will easily fit in your backpack, purse, or even your pocket. It also comes with a universal adapter that lets you mount it to all sorts of additional accessories. Attach your camera to a wrist band, selfie stick, or even a motorcycle helmet and create spectacular footage from a unique perspective.


Free installation

The product is fabulously easy and quick to install. Just slide the device into it and then close the small snap placed on the side. To remove the camera from the housing frame, you do not even need to remove the screw and adapter! This is an extremely convenient solution that will save you time.


2 colors to choose from

The case not only fits the Insta360 Go2 camera perfectly and provides it with unparalleled protection, but also matches it aesthetically. The product is available in 2 classic color options - white and black. Both look extremely stylish and modern, which makes them a great complement to your device.


In the box

  • Insta360 Go2 sports camera housing frame
  • Mobile base
  • Locking screw




MaterialABS + PC + 306 stainless steel



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