Σετ εξαρτημάτων τοποθέτησης Insta360 GO 2

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Mount Adapter Bundle Insta360 GO 2

Use the multifunctional set to use your camera in completely new conditions. Three additional mounts and up to four attachment options give you further alternatives to create a unique video or photo.


Comfort of use

Supports ¼" screw and two-pin mounting accessories. Additionally, special stickers will allow you to attach the camera to almost any surface, even curved ones.


In the box

  • 2 x 3M adhesive tape for flat base
  • 2 x 3M adhesive tape for curved base
  • 2x Fastening screw with 1/4" male thread
  • Flat base with quick release coupling
  • Curved base with quick release coupling
  • Mounting frame
  • Magnetic mount with 1/4" female thread
  • Magnetic mount with quick release coupling




NameMount Adapter Bundle Insta360 GO 2
Suitable forInsta360 GO2



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