Σετ αξεσουάρ για Viomi S9 (μαύρο)

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Accessory kit for Viomi S9 (black)

The accessory kit for the Viomi S9 cleaning robot is a great addition for owners of this device who value cleanliness in their home. The set includes 6 dust bags, which will help keep the interior of the robot clean and prevent the spread of dust and allergens during its operation. In addition, the set includes 2 side brushes, which will thoroughly clean the edges of the rooms and remove dust and dirt even more effectively. Two filters, in turn, will take care of the air quality in the house, filtering out harmful substances and preventing unpleasant odors. The last element of the set is two mops, which will enable Viomi S9 owners to clean their floors even more thoroughly. With this set of accessories, cleaning will become even easier and more effective, and the cleanliness of the house will be at the highest level.



  • Dust bag x6
  • Side brush x2
  • Filter x2
  • Mop x2

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