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Roidmi cordless upright vacuum cleaner

Experience that cleaning can be convenient! The cordless upright vacuum from Roidmi will both vacuum and mop the floors in your home. Own a larger apartment or house? Perfect! The 2500 mAh batteries (each) provide an impressive amount of run time. The X20S operates at 1,200,000 revolutions per minute and the suction power reaches 138 watts, so you can be sure that your apartment will be sparkling clean. The included accessories are great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces, and the cordless charging will let you get away from wires. See what else it can surprise you with!


2-in-1 device

With the X20S you can vacuum and mop your floors. Simply replace the brush with the mop (included). The head of the electric mop brush rotates at about 200 rpm, thoroughly cleaning surfaces. Oily stains on kitchen tiles, food residue - Roidmi vacuum cleaner is ready for it!


Innovative solutions

The electric mop brush uses an intelligent chip to control the water level. As a result, after washing, the surface dries quickly, and you can move freely around the apartment. The reservoir holds 240ml of water, and you can also choose between 2 modes for the amount of water dispensed. And that's not all! To make things even easier for you, the X20S features a Self-Cleaning Station that cleans the mop brush and then dries it. Enjoy the innovative solutions that Roidmi offers!


Efficient electric brush

The electric floor brush has a new type HL roller. The bristle length reaches 1 mm, so it not only picks up larger dirt and hair, but also effectively removes dust hidden in crevices. It is perfect for various types of surfaces, for example, tiles, carpets, etc.


New generation brushless motor and Air-x technology

The new generation of digital brushless engine-x motors with speeds up to 120,000 rpm and innovative air duct design make the X20S have a suction power of 138 watts and an intake air pressure of 25,000 Pa. In addition, the use of Air-x technology effectively separates air from dust without blocking the filter or reducing suction power.


65 min working time

The BMS-X system extends runtime by intelligently optimizing the management of 8 LG/Samsung lithium batteries. Moreover, the app will inform you about the battery status and display any problem encountered. The device is equipped with 435 watts of total power, while the X20S' runtime reaches about 65 minutes.


6-stage filtration

Provide a clean and safe environment for your family! The unit has a multi-stage filtration system that effectively separates dust from the air. Even the smallest impurities of 0.3 μm are filtered, and the purification rate reaches 99%. What's more, the unit will stop working if you forget to install one of the several parts of the filtration system. This ensures X20S protection and user safety.


Various cleaning scenarios

The set comes with accessories that you will use depending on the surface you are cleaning. The dust mite brush effectively removes allergens lingering in mattresses, and the multifunction brush will come in handy when cleaning uneven surfaces, for example, your computer keyboard. To get rid of dirt from narrow and hard-to-reach surfaces, use the crevice brush.


Your Home Cleanliness Guardian

Install the app to gain access to useful features! The device connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, and the app allows you to check the remaining running or cleaning time. It will also send you a notification when the dust container is full and the filter needs to be replaced.


Magnetic wireless charging

Free yourself from wires and get a convenient way to charge your X20S. The Roidmi vacuum cleaner supports wireless charging, for even more convenience. Simply mount the charging station on the wall and attach the device to it. It only takes about 2.5 hours for the vacuum cleaner to be ready to use again.


User-friendly design

X20S is designed to be simple and enjoyable to use. The carefully considered design provides a 10% lower noise level, resulting in a noise level of approximately 72 dB (A). The innovative electric brush is equipped with a LED lamp, which makes cleaning the surface under the bed or sofa convenient and thorough. In addition, 1.5 kg weight of the device allows you to easily remove dust from high furniture and curtains.


Minimalist design

The design of the X20S has been recognized with numerous awards. The use of neutral black and white gives the device a classic yet stylish look. So it perfectly blends in with any interior.


In the box

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum Cleaner Tube
  • Cleaning station
  • Mop head x2
  • Mopping brush
  • Electric Floor Brush
  • Dust mite removal brush
  • Crevice brush
  • Multifunction brush
  • Filter
  • Cordless Charger




NameCordless Vacuum Cleaner X20 S
Machine power435 W
Suction power138 W
Motor speed120 000 rpm
Suction power25 kPa
Working timeup to 65 / 40 / 10 min
Mopping timedo 120 min
Capacity8x 2500 mAh
Total weight2,6 kg (including main brush)
Size1191 x 259 x 158 mm
Charging timeok. 2,5 h
Dust cup capacity0,4 l
Noise level<55/72 dB (A)



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