Puluz 53 σε 1 Αξεσουάρ Ultimate Combo Kits για αθλητικές φωτογραφικές μηχανές PKT27

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Set of 53 accessories for sports cameras Puluz

Puluz brand is a manufacturer of universal accessories for sports cameras. The accessories are compatible with cameras equipped with GoPro-type mounts - including DJI Osmo Action. The mounts are made of high-quality materials, guaranteeing stability and resistance to damage. The set includes a set of necessary accessories, allows you to use all the elements at the same time without having to buy additional mounts. The set will find its use during winter sports, water sports, cycling and standard recordings.


  • Case / Case measuring 32x22x7cm x1
  • Handlebar holder x1
  • Suction cup type mount x1
  • Chest mount x1
  • Camera wrist mount x1
  • WiFi remote control wrist mount x1
  • Universal curved mount x1
  • J-Hook mount x2
  • Surfing quick release mount x2
  • 360 degree backpack mount x1
  • Telescopic boom mount x1
  • Backpack mount x2
  • Helmet strap type mount x2
  • 2x Curved + 2x flat surface mount x4
  • Motoring stickers x6
  • Safety lines with 3M stickers x1
  • Bag 24.5x20.5cm x1
  • Tripod adapter x2
  • Buoyancy mount + strap + screw x1
  • Anti-fog / anti-fog inserts x2
  • Universal wrench x1
  • Head strap mount x1
  • Long + short mounting screw x2
  • Buoyancy sponge with 3M sticker x1

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