Προβολέας Superfire HL19, 250lm, USB-C


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Superfire HL19 Headlamp

Take the HL19 on a trip to the mountains! This headlamp is also great for camping, running after dark, DIY, or fishing. Equipped with 2 lights, the headlamp can reach up to 90 meters! Equipped with a motion sensor ensures convenient operation and reliability whenever you need it. Water resistance allows you to use it in different conditions, and the 45° adjustment allows you to adjust the angle of light to your needs.

Convenient operation

The flashlight is equipped with 2 buttons, with which you can change the modes of the accessory and enable sensor control. This will enable 2 lights, strobe mode, bright mode, etc. To turn on/off the HL19 using the sensor, just move your hand about 10 cm away from the flashlight. Moreover, the next time you move your hand, the previously used mode will turn on.


TheHL19 is designed for use in adverse weather conditions. Running, climbing in the rain? Superfire flashlight is ready for it! It is protected from damage by IP44 water resistance level, so you can use it without worry even in a downpour.

Under 4 hours of operation

During the design of HL19, intelligent solutions were applied to save power consumption and extend the working time of the device. The built-in lithium battery has a capacity of 850 mAh, which provides about 4 hours of operation. You can renew the power of the accessory with a USB cable. Just 1.5h and the flashlight will be ready to work again.

Safety of use

To make using the Superfire flashlight completely safe, it is equipped with several safety features. The HL19 is protected against overcharging, over-discharge and low voltage.

Light sourceLED
Brightness (number of lumens)250 lm
Power5W (main lamp), 3W (second lamp), 2W (red light)
Beam range90 m
Modeshigh brightness, low brightness, strobe, red light, red strobe
MaterialABS + aluminum alloy
Working time4h
Dimensions50 x 42 x 35 mm
Battery capacity850 mAh
Sensor range10 cm
Number of lights2

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