Προβολέας Superfire HL15, 220lm, AAA


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Superfire HL15 flashlight

Convenient and reliable in any situation headlamp by Superfire offers up to four modes of operation. This way you can adjust the type of light to the situation you are in. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries and its light weight provides comfort. In addition, made of skin-friendly materials, the strap is flexible so it fits your head. 

Convenience of use

Headlamp is powered by three AAA batteries, which you can easily and quickly place in their dedicated place. Thanks to high quality materials and solid construction you don't have to worry that the flap closing the battery compartment will open at the wrong time. Using the buttons on the top of the flashlight you can switch on the desired mode: focused, diffused or red light. 


The flashlight is equipped with a skin-friendly strap, making it very comfortable and convenient even during prolonged use. The strap is elastic, so you can adjust it perfectly to the size of your head.

Light as a feather

The headlamp weighs only 60g (without batteries), so it will not cause discomfort. It will be useful in many situations, such as at work, walking the dog or hiking at night.

Dimensions59 x 38 x 34 mm
Rated power5W
Water protectionIP42
Working time530 min
ModesDiffused red diffused light, strobe
Drop resistanceup to 1 m
Beam range70 mm
MaterialPC + ABS

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