Προσαρμογέας ήχου UGREEN AV154 USB-C σε μίνι βύσμα 3,5 mm

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USB-C to mini jack 3.5mm audio adapter

Practical USB-C to mini jack 3.5mm adapter provides seamless music transmission to devices such as headphones and microphones. It is sure to deliver you crystal clear sound at the highest Hi-Fi stereo level. Compatible with phones with Type-C connector that do not have a Mini Jack connector (does not work with Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google, Ulefone). Careful workmanship combined with high quality materials guarantees extraordinary durability for many years.

Stunning sound quality

The AV154 is a guarantee of an unforgettable musical experience and properly accentuated sounds. By using noise cancellation technology, you can enjoy a natural audio signal free from any distortion. Rediscover your favorite songs and forget about annoying noises and unnecessary noise. Moreover, the stable transmission will let you say goodbye to problems with the received signal.

Many possibilities

The Ugreen brand adapter is the perfect solution if the devices you use every day don't support the mini jack port. With an impressive array of connections, you can plug your mobile accessory into most equipment with a 3.5mm connector. Be sure to try connecting it to headphones and speakers or use the adapter in your car and listen to relaxing tunes on your way home after a hard day at work.

Helpful for any situation

Multifunctional device will be great for many applications. Share your musical taste with your loved ones at a family party by connecting the speaker to AV154. It will also be happy to accompany you during classes and online courses. Also, try it out during intense gaming sessions to eliminate approaching enemies whose footsteps you can clearly hear through the connected headphones.

Thoughtful design

The AV154 model is characterized by extremely high resistance to minor mechanical damage, which positively translates into its functionality for a long time. The use of a strong aluminum alloy significantly protects the product from all sides. While the interesting shape allows you to perfectly fit into any smartphone, without causing bending of the headphone cable.

ConnectorsUSB-C, mini jack 3.5 mm
CompatibilityPhones with Type-C connector that do not have Mini Jack (does not work with Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google, Ulefone)

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