Kipozi Hair Curler EU-216

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Kipozi Hair Curler EU-216

Create stunning curls and dazzle with great hairstyle. The Kipozi EU-216 curling iron has a ceramic coating and will give you long-lasting results in no time - it heats up in just 30 seconds. The adjustable temperature range of 130-210°C (260-420°F) makes it ideal for different hair types. It's also safe to use and can be ideal for travelling. The set also includes a special protective glove.


Fast, convenient and safe styling

The curling iron allows you to curl your hair quickly and safely. It also provides a great, long-lasting effect. It stably keeps the temperature at the desired level and its heating time is only about 30 seconds. Thanks to ceramic coatings it is safe for hair - it does not pull or damage them.


Adjustable temperature

What makes the curling iron so good for different hair types? The device allows you to adjust the temperature between 130-210°C (260-420°F), so you can easily adjust it to your needs. 130-150°C (260-302°F) is suitable for fine hair. For damaged hair 160-180°C (320-356°F) will work well. For healthy, strong hair 190-210°C (374-410°F) is suitable. The selected temperature value will be shown on the built-in LCD display of the curling iron.


Safety of use

Enjoy safe use. The curler is equipped with a temperature lock that will prevent you from accidentally raising or lowering the temperature. What's more, it switches off automatically after 60 minutes - no more worrying if you forget! It also comes with a special glove to protect you from burns. A sound reminder will let you know when the curler is running.


It works for travel

Going on vacation? Don't give up on being able to style your hair quickly and conveniently! The curling iron is lightweight and handy enough to accompany you almost anywhere - you can easily fit it in your suitcase or travel bag. What's more, the device is compatible with 220-240V. This means that you can successfully use it also abroad.


Comfort of use

Creating stunning curls has never been easier! The curling iron is designed to be comfortable to use. The grip fits comfortably in your hand and the easy-to-reach buttons allow for convenient operation. The 2m cable swivels 360° so you can enjoy freedom of movement.


In the box

  • Hair curler
  • Protective glove
  • User Manual




ModelEU-216 (KP216)
Temperature range130-210°C (260-420°F)
Automatic shutdownAfter 60 minutes
Heat-up timeAbout 30 seconds
Cable length2m
Hair curler length32.7cm



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