Καλώδιο USB σε USB-C C3-03, Acefast 1.2m (λευκό)

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Acefast C3-03 USB-C to USB-C cable (white)

Charge your devices with 60 watts of power and enjoy fast power restoration. You'll be helped by Acefast's USB-C to USB-C cable, which is PD-compatible 60 W and features reinforced connectors. The product features a robust design and is highly resistant to bending, moreover, it allows data transfer at 480 Mbps. Its length is 1.2 meters, which ensures high comfort of use.

Fast charging and data transfer

The cable supports PD 60 W fast charging, so it renews the energy of selected devices in a surprisingly short time - with its help you can easily charge your smartphone or laptop and save precious time. That's not all. The C3-03 will also prove its worth when transferring data and will transfer essential files at 480 Mbps.

Robust design

The Acefast C3-03 cable is distinguished by its extreme durability, as confirmed by numerous durability tests. The product has overload protection, moreover, it does not heat up, and the TPE material makes the device resistant to up to 25,000 bends. What's more, the cable is CE, RoHS, FCC, EAC certified and guarantees the highest safety of use.

Currentup to 3A
PowerUp to 60W
Data transfer speed480 Mbps
Length1,2 m
Weight29 g

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