Φακός Nitecore TM03, 2800lm

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The Nitecore TM03 Flashlight

The Nitecore TM03 tactical flashlight will find use in search and expeditions in difficult terrain, also suitable for self-defense. It can illuminate with a power of up to 2800lm and allows 4-stage brightness adjustment. It is extremely light and handy, yet durable, with an operating time of up to 30 hours. It also features IPX8 water resistance.


Provide optimal lighting

The flashlight features a carefully thought-out design and is equipped with a CREE XHP70 LED, so it shines exceptionally bright and evenly. Its range is up to 289m. There are also 4 brightness levels, so you can optimally adjust the operation of the device to your needs.


Ideal for self-defense

A special Mode switch allows you to quickly activate one of 2 modes, which are perfect for self-defense - allowing you to blind and disorient a possible attacker. Suppressing Light allows you to quickly generate a stream of light with a brightness of 2800lm. In Strobe Ready mode the bright light flashes with high frequency. In addition, the stainless steel cap not only protects the components inside the flashlight from damage, but also allows you to use it as a self-defense tool.


Dedicated 18650 battery

The kit includes a heavy-duty 18650 rechargeable battery that is specifically designed for the TM03 flashlight. It provides up to 30 hours of run time and can be recharged using most smart chargers on the market. The flashlight also has a built-in red LED indicator that indicates its charge level. For best results, we recommend using the Nitecore UM10 charger (sold separately).


Compact light source

The flashlight is made using high grade 4.5mm thick aircraft grade aluminum. This makes the TM03 incredibly durable, yet lightweight and portable. It weighs only 213g and is extremely comfortable in use. It fits perfectly in your hand, and its buttons have been placed in an easily accessible place.


Reliable in all conditions

This practical flashlight can accompany you almost anywhere - even under extremely difficult conditions. The TM03 is IPX8 waterproof. You can safely immerse it to a depth of up to 2m. A fall from a height of up to 1m is also safe. Moreover, the device can automatically adjust its operation to optimally regulate the temperature and minimize the risk of overheating.




BrightnessUp to 2800lm
RangeUp to 289m
Working timeUp to 30h
BatteryIMR 18650 NL18650D (included)
Battery capacity2900mAh
Impact resistanceUp to 1m



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