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Nitecore EF1 Flashlight

There are approximately 4,000 flammable gases and substances that are often encountered, for example, in the industry and plants that use hazardous compounds in the manufacturing process. To ensure your safety and a reliable source of light in similar conditions, Nitecore has developed the extremely durable EF1 flashlight, which features impressive durability and explosion resistance. It shines with an output of up to 830lm and offers 3-stage brightness adjustment. Thanks to ATR technology, it automatically adjusts its operation to the ambient conditions.


Impressive durability and blast resistance

A high-grade aluminum alloy with a thickness of 3 mm was used to make the flashlight. The device is also equipped with a durable optical lens. It is incredibly solid and explosion resistant. The HA III hard anodizing gives it resistance to damage and temperature. EF1 is also IP54 waterproof and has a drop resistance of up to 1.5m. Even extremely demanding conditions will not frighten it!


Optimal light

What makes a flashlight shine so brightly and evenly? The EF1 is equipped with an excellent quality CREE XM-L2 U3 LED that lasts up to 50,000 hours. It also uses PDOT technology. Thanks to this, it can shine with an output of up to 830lm and its range is up to 270m. The device also allows you to choose from 3 brightness levels - Low, Mid and High.


Worry-free power supply

A single 18650 lithium polymer battery (not included) is enough to power the flashlight, and it provides a runtime of up to 150 hours. This means that you can easily use EF1 for up to about 6 days. You do not have to worry that the flashlight will not work when you least expect it. You can successfully use it at work or during an expedition into rough terrain.


Lightweight and handy

The flashlight is designed to make using it as comfortable and easy as possible. It weighs only 250g (without battery) and its length is 152.2mm. It fits comfortably in your hand and is not a heavy burden, so you can use it without fatigue. Quick and convenient change of brightness levels is provided by an easily accessible switch.




BrightnessUp to 830lm
RangeUp to 270m
Working timeUp to 150h
Power1x 18650 battery (IMR 18650 3.7V 2600mAh battery is recommended, battery not included)
Beam colorWhite light
Impact resistanceUp to 1.5m



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