Φακός Nextool NE20042, 500lm


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Βάρος0.16 kg


12 μήνες

Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 εργάσιμες ημέρες


Nextool Flashlight NE20042

The Nextool NE20042 flashlight features up to 500 lumens of brightness and a compact design. It also has a powerful power supply and a number of features that highlight the survival and protective nature of the gear. You'll get access to a camera detector, an eye detector, and an optical/acoustic alarm.


Impressive power

The compact design of the flashlight does not significantly affect its performance. The device has 3 main modes with a maximum brightness of 500 lumens. You can choose between High (500 lm), Low (20 lm) and Strobe (flashing light of 500 lm). NE20042 is also equipped with an infrared scanner. Thanks to that, you can adjust its operation to your specific needs.


Specialized defense modes

The device has been thoughtfully designed to take care of your safety. Thus, you will benefit from a camera detector, an eye detector and an acusto-optic alarm. You can also use the manual alarm switch, located at the bottom of the flashlight. Safety first!


Well thought-out design

The 6061-T6 class aluminum, used in the aviation industry, has been used in production. This gives the device high strength and resistance to wear. What's more, the flashlight's compact design ensures you can take it with you virtually anywhere.




MaterialAluminum 6061-T6
Brightness500 lm (High), 20 lm (Low), 500 lm (Strobe)
Operation timeCamera detector (<16 h), optical/acoustic alarm (1.5 h)
Charging time2.5 h
Dimensions22 x 140 mm
Weight78 g
Additional functionsCamera detection, Eye detection, acusto-optic alarm



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