Φακός κεφαλής Nitecore HA23, 250lm, 2x AA

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The Nitecore HA23 Headlamp

If you're looking for a headlamp that will come in handy for night hikes or camping, the Nitecore HA23 is an excellent choice. Lightweight and comfortable - it's also surprisingly rugged and IP67 waterproof. It lights up to 250lm and offers 3 brightness levels and a special Beacon mode. It only needs 2 AA batteries (included) to power it, and it has a runtime of up to 130 hours.


Reliable light source

The HA23 headlamp is equipped with a high quality CREE XP-G2 S3 LED. Thanks to this, it can shine with a brightness of up to 250lm and its range is up to 56m. The light distribution angle of the device is 150° - you will easily see what is in front of you. The technologies used make the flashlight generates an even, stable illumination and does not blink.


3 brightness levels

Adjust the operation of the flashlight to suit your needs or the current situation. The flashlight offers 3 brightness levels to choose from - High (250lm), Mid (65lm) and Low (2lm). There is also a special Beacon mode where the headlamp generates a bright 250lm light, making it easier to locate you after dark. You can conveniently operate the device with a single button.


Lightweight and comfortable

With confidence, use the HA23 flashlight for as long as you need to - there is no risk of discomfort or fatigue. The headlamp is extremely comfortable. The headband is made of skin-friendly materials and stays firmly in place. The flashlight itself is extremely light and compact, and therefore portable. It weighs only 42.5g (without the headband and batteries) and its dimensions are 70.8x42.3x38mm (including the bracket).



The flashlight is made of high quality PC, which makes it not only lightweight, but also durable and resistant to damage. It is not afraid of falling from a height of up to 1m. It is also protected against reverse polarity and is characterized by IP67 water resistance. It will work perfectly even in demanding conditions.


Long runtime

Only 2 AA batteries are needed to power the flashlight. You will find them in the box, you can also easily buy them in many stores. The working time of the device is up to 130 hours at the lowest brightness level (Low, 2lm). So you don't have to change batteries too often - this will also save you money!


In the box

  • HA23 headlamp
  • Headband
  • 2x AA battery




BrightnessUp to 250lm
RangeUp to 56m
Working timeUp to 130h
Power2x AA batteries (included)
Beam colorWhite light
Dimensions70.8x42.3x38mm (including buckle)
Weight42.5g (without the band and battery)
Impact resistanceUp to 1m



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