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PetWant T1-S Interactive Cat Toy

Provide your cat with great entertainment. The PetWant T1-S interactive toy features moving feathers that effectively engage your pets attention and encourage them to be active. Irregular rotations and additional LED light make the game even more interesting. The device works extremely quietly, and it is powered by AA batteries.


Grab your pet's attention

Your pet is no longer in danger of boredom! T1-S toy is equipped with several feathers that rotate in different directions to attract the cat and satisfy its natural instinct of hunting. A small bell and a LED light inside the device also attract the pet's attention. Let your pet set off on a wild chase and provide him with great entertainment!


2 fun modes to choose from

The toy can work in 2 modes - slow and fast. This allows you to perfectly adapt it to the needs of your pet. Fast mode is great for energetic, active pets. If your kitten prefers to laze around or if this is its first encounter with the T1-S, choose the slow mode so that it can get used to this form of play.


One toy for many pets

The toy has been designed in such a way that even several pets can use it at the same time. The shape resembles a large bowl - your pets can freely approach it from all sides and run around. One device is enough to provide great fun for your four-legged friends!


Surprisingly quiet

Tired of annoying, noisy pet toys? The T1-S will be the perfect choice for you! The device works surprisingly quietly - its volume level is less than 40dB. Simply turn the toy on and place it on the floor - you don't have to worry that the annoying noise will scare your pet, prevent you from focusing on your work or disturb your rest.


Easy to use

Using this toy will not cause you any, even the smallest problem. The device has been equipped with a convenient to use button, with which you can not only turn it on or off, but also change the mode of play. After starting, T1-S works in 3 cycles - first it works for 8 minutes, and then goes into standby mode for 3 minutes. That's enough time for your cat to play and not get bored!


Long runtime

The device will surprise you with its long working time. It is powered by AA batteries, which you can easily buy in many stores. When you put them in the toy, your cat will be able to use it up to 89-90 times before they need to be replaced! Not only will this keep your pet entertained, but it will also save you money and time.


Thoughtful design

The toy has been designed with attention to every little detail. It is made of durable ABS and PC materials, so it is resistant to damage - your pet's teeth and claws will not frighten it! It's also fabulously easy to assemble - you won't need much time to put it together. If necessary, you can also easily disassemble it and store it in the desired place.




Noise level<40dB
MaterialABS + PC
DimensionsAbout 170x134mm
Power supplyAA batteries



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