Διαδραστικό λουρί LED PetKit Go Shine 4.5m

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The Go Shine Interactive Automatic Leash

With the Go Shine automatic leash by PetKit, walking with your dog will become even more fun. The colorful backlight gives it an original, stylish character, and the built-in flashlight increases safety after dark. A semi-automatic lock gives you more control over your pet, and a special magnetic base makes it convenient to charge the device.


Make walking your dog colorful

Luminous circles have been placed on both sides of the leash. Intuitive touch panel allows for convenient switching on the backlight. With its help you can also adjust its color to your liking. Choose from available colors and lighting effects to give the device a unique character and make your night walks with your beloved pet bring you even more joy.


Built-in flashlight for your safety

The product is also equipped with an additional flashlight that generates a more focused light. Its range of light is large enough to allow you and your pet to walk safely even at night. You don't have to worry about tripping over a branch that is invisible in the dark or missing a broken glass that your dog might step on - with PetKit you can see and avoid all possible obstacles.


Increased control over your pet

The leash is very easy to operate and ensures safe use. You can quickly lock it with the push of a button. This way you can be sure that your pet will be close to you at all times and will not get out of control when you least expect it. This will ensure your pet's safety, for example, when you are walking along the street or you see another dog approaching from the opposite direction.


Will impress you with its smooth performance

Thanks to the telescopic structure, using the product is comfortable and safe. The leash is extremely durable - breaking it can be quite a challenge. Moreover, its retraction and extension is extremely smooth. You don't have to worry that the mechanism will jam or refuse to obey you in a critical moment.


You can charge it and store it at the same time

The 800mAh battery provides long battery life. The separate magnetic base allows you not only to charge the lanyard, but also to store it conveniently. This way you will save space in your apartment and time, and also keep it tidy!




Length of leash4.5m
Leash dimensions93x161x50mm
Charging base dimensions169x64x30mm
Lanyard weight212g
Charging base weight153g
Rated voltage5V DC
Battery capacity800mAh
Suitable forSmall and medium dogs



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