Darkflash DX240 V2 PC Water Cooling ARGB 2x 120x120 (λευκό)

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240 mm Darkflash DX240 V2 water cooler

Ensure that your computer's CPU is properly cooled. The DX240 V2 water cooler impresses with its reliable performance and original stylish design. The DX240 V2 features colourful backlighting to give your system a unique character and supports motherboard synchronisation. The device efficiently distributes heat, and thanks to applied technical solutions it works extremely quietly. It is compatible with Intel and AMD processors and its installation proves to be extremely simple.


Optimal temperature

The cooler is made of high quality materials - it has a copper base, perfectly dissipating heat. The device's corrugated fins have helped to increase the effective area of the device, and thus provide better cooling. The cooler ensures efficient heat distribution and exchange to keep the processor at the right temperature.


High-performance fans

Darkflash Infinity 8 fans with up to 1800 RPM and 62.18 CFM airflow are used for cooling. They provide your computer with optimal working conditions. They are also characterized by low noise level - up to 30 dBA maximum.


Quiet operation

Noise troubles you? We have great news for you! The cooler operates exceptionally quietly - its noise level is very low. That's thanks to noise-capture technology in the fan blades that reduce air resistance. Play and work in peace - no more annoying hum!


Trouble-free installation

Don't worry about installation problems. The product is compatible with selected models of Intel and AMD processors, and its installation is relatively simple. It won't pose too much of a challenge. You can also sync the device with your motherboard. The DX240 V2 is also compatible with the Intel 1700.


Even more practical solutions

The DX240 V2's cooling tube has been covered with a durable braided material. This has made it possible to achieve an interesting stylistic effect, as well as to increase the safety of use. Darkflash skillfully combines aesthetic and practical solutions to provide you with reliable yet attractive products!


Colored backlighting

The device stands out with its fantastic gaming design. The spiral-shaped colored backlighting is a real eye-catcher and makes your PC look great. With the clever design of the water block, the DX240 V2 has been able to significantly enhance the cooler's appearance, giving it a modern and stylish look. For the most interesting aesthetic effects, combine the cooler with other RGB devices.


Kit includes:

  • Water cooling
  • INTEL & AMD installation kit
  • Mounting screws
  • User Manual
  • Thermal conductive paste
  • PWM connector




ModelDX240 V2
Type of coolingWater
Number of fans2
Fan size120x120 mm
Fan size120x120x25 mm
Bearing typeHydraulic Bearing
Fan speed1800 RPM
Airflow76.8 CFM
Maximum fan noise level35.2 dBA
Dimensions of radiator274x120x27 mm
Radiator materialAluminum
Pump dimensions75x75x53 mm
Pump speed2700 RPM
Maximum noise level of the pump23 dBA
Supply voltage12 V
Maximum current1900 mA
Lifetime40000 h
Connector4 Pin + 3 Pin
CompatibilityIntel : LGA 775 / 115x / 1200 / 1366 / 1700 / 20xx(V3)
AMD: AM4/FM2+ / FM1 / AM3+ / AM2+
Weight1.5 kg



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