BlitzWolf 15W Qi ασύρματος γρήγορος φορτιστής γρήγορης φόρτισης Stand Holder BW-FWC9

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BlitzWolf BW-FWC9 15W Qi inductive wireless charger

Opt for wireless solutions and enjoy a high level of convenience when charging your devices. This is possible with the BlitzWolf BW-FWC Qi inductive charger, which allows you to quickly and safely renew the energy of various devices. The product is compatible with smartphones with Qi, moreover, it is suitable for charging wireless headphones and smartwatches.

Wide compatibility

The BlitzWolf BW-FWC9 Wireless Inductive Charger will successfully renew the energy of the iPhone 12 and 13, moreover, it works well for charging products such as the Apple Watch and AirPods. You can also use the BW-FWC to charge various smartphone models with Qi (Huawei P40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi10 and more). Thanks to its clever design, the charger doesn't interfere with your use - you can renew your smartphone's power and play at the same time.

Fast and safe charging

The product is made of high-quality metal and plastic, and thanks to the multi-level protection, its use is completely safe. This is because the charger has protection against overheating or short-circuiting, plus it detects foreign objects and metals. It charges with a maximum power of 15W and renews the energy of the needed devices in a short time.

MaterialMetal + plastic
Power connectorUSB-C
Output power15W (max.)
Dimensions58 x 10 mm
Input5V-9V=2A (max.)
Weight50 g
Induction charging distance4-10 mm

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