Baseus Καλώδιο σε σχήμα σταγόνας νερού USB σε Type-C, LED, 66W, 6A, 2m (μαύρο)


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Baseus CATSD-N01 USB-C cable

Supporting fast charging Baseus USB-C cable will allow you to quickly charge your phone with a power of up to 66W. Made of durable, excellent quality materials - it will certainly not let you down. It also allows you to transfer data at a speed of 480MB/s. An additional advantage of the accessory is a small indicator that lights up during its operation.


Wide compatibility - fast charging

The cable is compatible with a wide variety of phones equipped with a USB-C port. It also allows you to power small devices such as powerbanks or desk lamps, for example. The product supports 66W/40W fast charging and 6A/5A high current. It is also compatible with 11V/6A, 10V/4A, 4.5V/5A and 5V/4.5A equipment. It is also sure to work well for your phone and charger.


Reliable and durable

The accessory will surprise you with its reliability. Made of zinc alloy, the connectors are resistant to oxidation and scratches. And thanks to the SR reinforcement, accidental cable breakage is almost impossible. What's more, the braided nylon sheath doesn't get tangled and makes bending the product less of a hazard. It also protects the inside of the cable, which consists of up to 6 strands of copper cores that ensure faster and more stable signal transmission.


Data transmission in a flash

Enjoy instant transfer of your files. The cable supports data transfer rates of up to 480MB/s. So you can copy your photos, videos or documents from one device to another in an amazingly short time. Transfer files from your smartphone to your laptop in no time at all. No more waiting forever and wasting time!


Dreaming comfort

The cable is also practical, convenient and safe to use. Fast charging means you only need to plug in your phone for 15 minutes to use it later for up to 3 hours. Your devices are also protected from overheating. Do you want to be able to store and transport your accessory comfortably? Use the included Velcro strap to help you stay organized and prevent the cable from getting tangled.




NameWater Drop-shaped Lamp SuperCharge Cable
MaterialZinc alloy + braided nylon
Current11V/6A (Max. 66W)
Transmission speed480MB/s



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