Baseus Simple Magnetic, ασύρματος φορτιστής MagSafe 15W + υποδοχή

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MagSafe 15W wireless inductive charger + Baseus holder

Charge your smartphone and use it at the same time. The Baseus device acts not only as a wireless charger, but also as a holder. This allows you to charge your smartphone inductively and watch a movie simultaneously without straining your hands. In addition, the compact design of the product will not take up much space, and thanks to its adjustability, you will adjust its angle to your needs.


Fast charging with MagSafe

What makes charging your smartphone with CCJJ000001 so efficient? The copper elements effectively accelerate the charging rate by up to 50%, compared to ordinary chargers. In addition, the product watches the voltage and temperature to ensure they are at their optimal value. It also helps to avoid overvoltage, short circuit and overheating.


Convenience of use

CCJJ000001 allows you to charge your smartphone and use it at the same time. With the 360° adjustment feature, you can place your phone horizontally on it and watch videos or create recordings on the TikTok platform. Moreover, it is possible to detach the top of the charger for casual gaming.


Compact design

Another advantage of the Baseus charger is its compact design. So you do not have to worry that it will take up too much space on your desk. Together with the holder, the product resembles a mains charger in size, and with the holder detached, it resembles an Apple Watch.



Charge and use your smartphone safely. Baseus charger is designed to prevent damage to your device. Thoughtful design of the handle and non-slip finish provide stability and protect CCJJ000001 from moving. This ensures that your phone is safe and protected from damage.



  • charger with handle
  • USB-C charging cable




Cable includedYes
Cable length150 cm
Input current5V / 2A 9V / 2A 12V / 2A Max.
CompatibilityApple MagSafe / AirPods 3 Pro



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