Baseus Μετριασμένο γυαλί 0.23mm για iPhone 13/13 Pro (2τμχ)

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Tempered Glass for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

Baseus tempered glass is the perfect protection for your phone. Porcelain coating with a thickness of only 0,23 mm will allow you to use your smartphone comfortably. Glass is almost invisible, so it will not affect the original design of the phone. Thanks to it you no longer have to worry about dirt, scratches, or other signs of mechanical damage.


Full protection

The glass provides a high level of screen protection against dirt and scratches. It is perfect for everyday use, because it protects the entire front display of the phone from the effects of falls from a height.



Baseus brand tempered glass does not limit the visibility and functionality of your screen. In addition, ceramic glass perfectly reflects the original colors.


No dirt

The coating is specially designed to prevent dust from sticking to it. It is also resistant to dirt left by fingers like fingerprints and smudges that could reduce visibility. However, in the event of minimal dirt, it can be easily removed with the included special cloth.


Easy installation

Installation tools are included so you can easily apply the glass to your smartphone. Just clean the screen, apply the film and press it down, removing any air bubbles that appear.





Thickness0,23 mm
MaterialCeramic glass
CompatibilityiPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro
Number of pieces in a set2

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