Baseus Κρυστάλλινη μαγνητική γυάλινη θήκη με στήριγμα για iPhone 13 Pro Max (διάφανο)

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Baseus Crystal Magnetic Glass Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max with stand

This case is extremely transparent due to the material it is made of - polycarbonate. It is resistant to color change even when exposed to sunlight and does not change its form at high temperatures, and its dimensions are stable. The product protects the phone from scratching it and absorbs some of the energy if it hits the ground. It is compatible with the MagSafe system. It also has holes cut out in the right places. The case is functional and stylish.


Countless arrangements

The stand located at the back of the case makes using your phone much easier. It is fully rotatable and can bend to all sides. When properly positioned the bend will not affect inductive charging.


MagSafe compatibility

The case is compatible with the MagSafe system. This allows you to charge your iPhone through the inductive charger without removing it. The same is true when using magnetic accessories.



The iPhone 13 Pro Max case is designed in a minimalist style, covering it up is unnecessary. The case is made of polycarbonate and provides transparency. After time, the product will not yellow when exposed to sunlight.



The product has buttons that protect the right areas of the device that are most likely to break down. However, this does not affect their functionality. Plugging in the headphones or charging plugs is very convenient due to precisely cut openings. Another factor that makes the case so useful is the fact that it fits well in your hand and provides comfort during use.


Quality and protection

Polycarbonate, from which the product is made, is of high quality. This plastic is rigid, does not change its form at high temperatures, and its dimensions are stable. The case ensures the safety of the phone, eliminating the possibility of scratching it. When the device falls, the product absorbs part of the energy of the impact on the ground. Thus, it protects the phone from various types of damage.




CompatibilityApple iPhone 13 Pro Max

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