Baseus Κρυστάλλινη μαγνητική γυάλινη θήκη για iPhone 13/13 Pro (διάφανο)


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Baseus Crystal Magnetic case for iPhone 13 / 13 Pro

Take care of your iPhone together with Baseus brand. Baseus Crystal Magnetic case is made of ultra-thin, transparent material and will perfectly protect your phone against damage and dirt. The product has the necessary cutouts to fit all the interfaces, also allows wireless charging MagSafe. With a thickness of 1 mm the case does not affect the comfort of use of the phone. The product is compatible with Apple iPhone 13 i 13 Pro.


Protect your equipment

The case effectively protects your phone against scratches, scrapes and other mechanical damage. It is made of highly flexible material, so it provides good cushioning during a possible fall. The height of the case within the lens is 1.2 mm, which is an additional protection against scratches when you put the phone down on the table or desk.


Stylish and practical

Thanks to its transparent construction the case allows you to enjoy the original design of your phone. The product fits perfectly to the shape of your iPhone, protecting it from damage. The imported Bayer PC material is safe for health, but also extremely durable and resistant to shocks and impacts. It is characterized by high light transmission and does not turn yellow, plus it is resistant to fingerprints, so the case always looks stylish and neat.


Convenient wireless charging

The product is compatible with MagSafe wireless charging. Baseus Crystal Magnetic has 38 neodymium magnets that are responsible for magnetic attraction. So you can enjoy convenient inductive charging of your iPhone and quickly renew its energy without removing the case. You'll also find a tempered glass included to keep your iPhone even more secure.



NameBaseus Crystal Magnetic Glass Case for iPhone 13 / 13 Pro
CompatibilityApple iPhone 13 / 13 Pro
Thickness1 mm
MaterialPC, magnet

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