Baseus Explorer Καλώδιο USB σε Lightning, 2.4A, 2m (μαύρο)

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Baseus Explorer USB to Lightning Cable (black)

Charge your Apple devices quickly and safely. The Baseus Explorer USB to Lightning cable will help you do that, charging at 2.4 amps while transferring files at 480 MB/s. The cable automatically cuts off power access when the connected device is fully charged. High-quality materials ensure durability and resistance to mechanical damage, and the 2 m length translates into high comfort of use.

Fast and safe charging

The cable uses the fast charging function and the intensity of 2.4 A, thanks to which you can charge your Apple devices in a short time. What is important, you do not have to worry about their safety, because the cable cuts off power when the connected device is fully charged - thus protecting the battery from overcharging.

Fast data transmission

USB to Lightning Baseus Explorer cable allows not only fast charging, but also instant data transmission. Want to send photos from your vacation or show off a video from a family celebration? Nothing simpler! The transmission speed is 480 MB/s and it will take only 24 seconds to transfer one gigabyte.

It will last for years

What makes the Baseus Explorer cable so durable and resistant to damage? It is high quality materials that were used in its production. Powder metallurgy technique was used to make the plug, so it is durable, resistant to damage and oxidation. In addition, the section of the cable at the plug has been reinforced, so repeated bending will not affect the condition of the product.

Convenient use

The transparent design of the plug catches the eye and gives it a modern character. What is more, you will find a light indicator on it that informs you about the operation of the cable. So just a glance is enough to check whether the connected device is still charging. Noteworthy is also the length of the cable - 2 meters ensures maximum comfort during use.

NameBaseus Explorer USB to Lightning Cable
TypeUSB to Lightning
MaterialPM, polycarbonate, nylon
Current2.4 A
Transmission speed480 MB/s
Length2 m

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