Baseus Dynamic καλώδιο USB σε Lightning, 2.4A, 2m (ροζ)

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Baseus Dynamic USB to Lightning Cable

Now you can charge your devices in no time. The Baseus USB to Lightning cable charges at up to 2.4A and allows you to transfer files at up to 480Mbps. It is also extremely durable and resistant to damage. It also looks really great - among several available color versions you will surely find something for yourself.


Fast charging - fast data transfer

You no longer have to wait endlessly for your devices to be charged. Baseus brand cable allows you to charge your iPhone with a current of up to 2.4A. It also allows for equally fast file transfers - transmission speed offered by it is up to 480Mbps. This means that it only takes a few moments to copy the data you need!


Best Technology

Don't worry about the safety of the devices you are charging. The cable is equipped with an intelligent chip that is responsible for their reliable protection. What's more, the reinforced wires ensure more efficient signal transmission and feature lower resistance.


Improved design

Baseus proves that cables can impress not only with functionality, but also with design. The product stands out with its stylish design and has been designed in such a way that the connector fits even better into the iPhone port, making it easier to connect and disconnect. What's more, the high-density braided cable ensures that it is durable and resistant to pulling, bending, tearing and other types of damage.




TypeUSB to Lightning
MaterialABS + high density braid
CurrentUp to 2.4A
Transmission speedUp to 480Mbps



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