Baseus Bowie U2 Pro TWS ακουστικά, ANC (κρεμώδες λευκό)


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TWS Baseus Bowie U2 Pro Headphones (cream).

Make your sports activities even more enjoyable! The Baseus Bowie U2 Pro wireless headphones provide sound of the highest quality, thanks to a 10mm diaphragm and effective ANC noise reduction. Bluetooth 5.2 technology guarantees a stable connection with a range of 10 meters. They allow for 15 hours of use on a single charge.

Reliable connection

The headphones support Bluetooth 5.2, which ensures instant and stable signal transmission. What's more, it is also responsible for lower power consumption. The signal range reaches up to 10 meters, which gives you even more freedom!

High quality sound

Experience how good your favorite songs can sound. The Bowie U2 Pro is equipped with a 10-millimeter titanized diaphragm, which is responsible for crystal clear and richly detailed sound. It also guarantees deep and powerful bass. In addition, ANC noise reduction effectively eliminates unnecessary sounds up to -42 dB, so you can fully focus on the beautiful music!

Talk on the phone without distractions

Forget about noise and make phone calls freely. The headphones are equipped with 4 microphones and support ENC technology, which precisely filters out ambient sounds for excellent sound quality during phone calls. You can be sure that your caller will definitely hear what you are saying!

Up to 15 hours of operation

Enjoy your favorite music for up to 15 hours on a single charge with ANC off, or up to 12 hours if it's on. You'll easily renew the power in them with the USB-C cable you'll find in the package. After just about 1.5 hours, they will be ready for use again.

Carefully considered design

The Bowie U2 Pro wireless headphones are distinguished by their modern and original design. The ergonomic design means that they do not cause discomfort and fatigue even during prolonged use. The silicone strap does not cause skin irritation. In addition, they have a convenient control panel that makes it easy to access the most important functions of the headphones, including switching songs, stopping music or answering calls.


  • TWS Baseus Bowie U2 Pro headphones
  • USB-C / USB-A charging cable
  • Replacement rubber bands (2 pairs)
ModelBowie U2 Pro
Operating range15 m
MaterialABS + PC + metal + silicone
Music playback timeApproximately 15 hours (volume 70%, ANC function off)
Approximately 12 hours (volume 70%, ANC function on)
Charging time1.5h
Battery capacity110 mAh / 0.407Wh
Frequency response20Hz - 20kHz
Charging interfaceUSB-C
Bluetooth version5.2

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