Baseus Bowie E8 TWS ακουστικά (Μαύρο)

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Baseus E8 Wireless Headphones

Choose advanced technology, water resistance, intuitiveness and clear sound enclosed in stylish headphones Baseus E8 and wherever you rush, take your favorite music with you even for many hours. Although the headphones have a small size, thanks to the applied innovations they transmit incredibly clear and deep sound. On a full charge, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of music, and with the charging case, you can extend that time up to six times.


Explore the details

Listen to sounds you haven't been able to discover before in your favourite tracks and enjoy uninterrupted clear sound. The Bluetooth 5.0 module ensures a stable connection without interruptions and distortion. The microphone accessory not only allows you to listen to music, but also enables you to make active calls.



You don't have to rush through your bag or pockets to answer an incoming call. The touch panel used in Baseus E8 headphones allows you to answer and reject calls with a gentle touch of one finger. Additionally, you can switch between songs, pause or resume playback.


Whatever the conditions

The headphones are made of nano-materials with IPX5 protection, so you can use them without worry even during the most intensive workouts or when you get caught in the rain. If the need arises, you can rinse them under running water without worrying about damage.


Use it anywhere

Thanks to their compact size and low weight, the headphones can even fit into a jacket pocket or small handbag, so you can take them with you wherever you go. The case is equipped with a rechargeable battery that will extend the life of the headphones when needed. So you can use them even during long journeys. The device reduces noise, so you can cut off from the world around you with peace of mind.


Comfortable minimalism

Design in which the headphones were designed makes them still fit in the current trends and serve you for years. Small size, weight and ergonomic shape of each of them will allow you to listen to tracks or make calls even for many hours without affecting the comfort of use.


Dedicated application

Do not limit your possibilities and connect your phone with a dedicated application that will allow you to do more. Adjust settings according to your needs quickly and easily and give your favorite music a personal touch. Jump between modes and decide whether you want to use one or two headphones, or switch between devices.


MaterialABS + PC
Bluetooth version5.0
Distance10 m
Music listening time5 hours (70% volume)
Music listening time with charging case25 hours
Case size45 x 45 mm
Earphone size32 x 18 mm
Battery Capacity40 mAh (headphones) / 350 mAh (charging case)
Charging timeapproximately 1 hour
Frequency20 Hz - 20 kHz
Charging portUSB Type C

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