Ασύρματο ποντίκι παιχνιδιών Delux M629DB 2.4G 10000DPI RGB

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Delux M629DB Wireless Mouse

Enjoy the comfort of gaming. The Delux M629DB Wireless Gaming Mouse is equipped with the advanced PMW3325 sensor and is adjustable up to 5000 DPI. You can connect it to your computer in 2 ways - via cable or 2.4G. The included interchangeable bases allow you to customize its shape according to your needs.


DPI adjustment

Adjust the speed of the mouse to your expectations or to the dynamics of the game. M629DB allows you to adjust the DPI in 5 steps, within the range of 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 5000. The mouse is also equipped with 7 programmable buttons.


Ideal for gamers

This exceptional mouse will not let you down during even the most dynamic gameplay. Advanced sensor PMW3325 makes it surprisingly smooth and fast. Now you can easily beat your opponents in your favorite game!


Connect it the way you want

There are 2 ways to connect your mouse to your computer. If you appreciate the freedom of wireless solutions, connect M629DB to your device via 2.4G. Or you can connect it with an ultra-light and practical cable so you don't have to worry about the battery draining.


Customize it to your habits

The mouse features a smart, ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use for hours of gameplay. You can also adjust its shape to your needs. In the set you will find 2 interchangeable bases, which can be freely mounted on the device. Take advantage of this opportunity to make the device fit best in your hand and allow you to beat another record!


Gaming design

The device is not only functional and comfortable to use, but also incredibly stylish. The colorful backlighting gives it a unique gaming character. If you want, you can also adjust it to your preferences with special software.




Battery capacity500mAh
CompatibilityWindows 7/8/10
Dimensions119.7x71 (83)x42.4mm
Number of buttons7



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