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The iPEGA PG-9210 Wireless Gaming Controller

Enjoy comfortable gameplay and break your next record. The iPEGA PG-9210 wireless pad is compatible with many popular devices and allows you to increase immersion with 2 vibration-generating motors. It also supports Turbo and Auto functions. It is equipped with 4 programmable buttons and has a built-in foldable phone holder. The life of its buttons reaches up to 1,000,000 clicks.


Integrated phone holder

Like to play games on your smartphone? The PG-9210 controller will make it easy for you to play! The device is equipped with a folding holder, in which you can place your phone. You no longer need to use additional stands to have the display always in front of your eyes. The product is compatible with smartphones with a width of 50-80mm.


4 programmable buttons

Want to further customize the pad to your needs and habits? It's possible! The PG-9210 controller is equipped with 4 programmable buttons that you can easily set to make your gameplay as easy as possible. Find out that playing your favorite games can be even more fun!


Turbo and Auto function

Now you can win more duels without much effort. The controller supports Turbo or Auto function - you can assign it to the A/B/X/Y button, D-pad, L1/R1, L2/R2, or L3/R3. This way you can easily send a hail of accurate bullets towards your opponents in the game.


Enjoy more immersion

Feel like you're actually traversing fantastic game lands alongside your favorite characters. The PG-9210 pad is equipped with 2 motors that generate vibrations tailored to the events on screen. This allows the device to increase immersion in the game.


Created with gamers in mind

The PG-9210 pad fits perfectly in your hands and lets you enjoy a comfortable experience. Its joysticks smoothly rotate 360° and provide unparalleled precision. What's more, the A/B/X/Y buttons are equipped with LED backlighting that gives them an original character and makes them more visible in the dark. The controller is also distinguished by its extraordinary durability and low susceptibility to wear and tear.


Wide compatibility

This practical controller is compatible with many popular devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and Nintendo Switch. It works seamlessly with Android, iOS 11.0-13.3.1 and Windows 7 / 8 / 10. No matter what device you like to play on - with the iPEGA you'll take your gaming to a new level.


In the box

  • Gamepad
  • USB-C cable
  • User Manual




Bluetooth version5.0
Number of programmable buttons4
Battery capacity380mA
Charging timeAbout 2.5h
Working timeAbout 15h
Cable length80cm
Charging portUSB-C
CompatibilityWindows 7/8/10, Android, iOS 11.0-13.3.1, Nintendo Switch (wired and wireless)
Phone holder spacing50-80mm



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