Ακουστικά Lenovo LP40 TWS (Λευκό)


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Lenovo LP40 TWS Headphones

Enjoy high quality sound and a reliable wireless connection. The Lenovo LP40 headphones feature 13mm drivers and support high-speed Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and they're extremely lightweight and comfortable - no need to worry about discomfort. They also have built-in touchpads that make them much easier to use.


Reliable wireless connection

The Lenovo LP40 will let you forget about connection problems. The state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.0 connection ensures fast and stable transmission over a distance of up to 10m. It also guarantees extremely low latency. Perfect synchronization of image and sound will allow you to watch movies and play dynamic games without any interruption. Moreover, once paired, the headphones will automatically connect to your device.


Superior sound quality

Experience how good your favourite songs can sound and rediscover the magic of music. The L40 headphones feature large 13mm drivers and graphene composite drivers. So they deliver clear, crisp, perfectly balanced sound and a wealth of detail - not just when you're listening to music, but also when you're talking on the phone.


Long battery life - hassle-free charging

Don't worry about draining your headphones too quickly. The Lenovo LP40 stands out for its long runtime, and it's conveniently recharged in the included charging case. Its battery capacity is as much as 300mAh! This means that you can charge your headphones with it even a few times. Charging LP40 lasts only about 1,5 hour. What is more, the case is extremely light and compact, so you can always have it with you.


Perfect for everyday use

Listen to music for as long as you like, without worrying about discomfort. The LP40s are incredibly comfortable and lightweight - you won't even feel you're wearing them. They conform perfectly to the shape of your ears and stay firmly in place. They won't annoy you by falling out! The headphones are also water resistant so they're perfect for everyday use. You can easily use them during workout or outside the house when it rains.


Touch control

Want to lower the volume or pause your music? No more searching for your smartphone every time! The Lenovo LP40 headphones have practical touchpads so you can operate them conveniently. With just the right number of touches, for example, you can pause or resume the playback, switch the song, adjust the volume or activate the Siri voice assistant.


In the box

  • Earphones
  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • User manual




Bluetooth version5.0
RangeUp to 10m
Battery capacity (case)300mAh
Charging timeAbout 1.5h



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