Ακουστικά Lenovo HT06 TWS (Μαύρο)

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Lenovo HT06 TWS Wireless Headphones

Enjoy top-quality sound and reliable Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.The Lenovo HT06 TWS Headphones let you rediscover your favorite tunes with a long-lasting battery. Structured noise cancellation will help you cut through the noise, and the ergonomic design ensures unparalleled comfort.

Goodbye annoying noise

The headphones are equipped with excellent quality microphones that enable comfortable phone conversations and offer structural noise cancellation. HT06 effectively eliminates unnecessary background noise, allowing you to forget about annoying noise and giving you the confidence that your interlocutors will hear you with ease.

Fast and seamless connection

Modern Bluetooth 5.1 ensures fast, stable and reliable transmission over distances up to 10m. It also lowers power consumption and reduces latency almost to zero. So you can comfortably play games or watch TV series. Moreover, when you open the case, the headphones will connect to your stored device automatically.

Perfect sound

What makes the HT06 headphones play so well? 13mm drivers and AAC/SBC codecs! Thanks to them you can enjoy crystal-clear, perfectly reproduced sound, rich details and perfect harmony. With Lenovo you will discover the magic of music all over again!

You control it with a touch

The built-in touch panels will make it much easier for you to operate the headphones. With just the right number of touches, for example, you can pause playback, resume playback, disconnect or switch songs. If you don't have your phone handy or just don't want to reach for it, this feature will definitely come in handy!

Long runtime

The operating time of the headphones reaches up to 4 hours on a single charge. Using the included case, you can fully charge the HT06 about 4 times. This gives a total of up to 20 hours of listening to your favorite songs! Charging the headphones takes about 1-2 hours.

Wide compatibility

Compatibility problems will only become an unpleasant memory. The Lenovo HT06 headphones work perfectly with most popular Bluetooth devices. You can successfully connect them with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, among others.

Comfort of use

Thanks to the carefully considered ergonomic design, the headphones fit perfectly in your ears without falling out and provide the comfort you dream of. With Lenovo you can listen to music for as long as you want without worrying about discomfort or fatigue. HT06 are also extremely stylish - their elegant design will appeal to many users.

Bluetooth nameLenovo HT06
RangeUp to 10m
Bluetooth version5.1
Bluetooth profilesHSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
Audio codecsAAC / SBC
Headphone battery capacity30mAh
Working timeAbout 4h
Charging timeAbout 1-2h

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