Ακουστικά Lenovo HT05 TWS (Μαύρο)

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Lenovo HT05 TWS Wireless Headphones

The Lenovo HT06 Wireless Headphones will give you an unforgettable music experience with up to 4 hours of battery life on a single charge. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity ensures fast transmission, and IPX5 water resistance allows you to listen to music even when it's raining or working out. The built-in microphone allows you to talk freely on the phone. The headphones are also extremely comfortable.

Bluetooth 5.0

HT05 provide a fast, stable and seamless connection. This is made possible through the use of modern Bluetooth 5.0, which also reduces power consumption, resulting in a longer operating time. In addition, each headphone independently connects to the device of your choice, so you are free to use them together or individually. HT05 also supports automatic pairing when removed from the case.

Long runtime

When you fully charge the headphones, you can listen to music for about 4 hours. Their convenient charging is made possible by the included case, which is equipped with a USB-C port and a 250mAh battery. To charge the HT05 with it, you only need about 2 hours!

Talk on the phone where you want

The headphones are equipped with high-quality HD microphones that will reliably record your voice. This way you can be sure that your caller will almost always hear you without any problem. Moreover, HT05 supports smart notifications for incoming calls.

Incredibly comfortable

HT05 are designed to let you enjoy the comfort you dream of. Listening to music has never been more enjoyable! The headphones fit perfectly in your ears without falling out. It also comes with interchangeable eartips in 3 sizes so you can adjust them to your needs even better.

Bluetooth version5.0
Headphone battery capacity40mAh / 3.7V
Case battery capacity250mAh / 3.7V
Working timeAbout 4h
Charging timeAbout 2h
Charging portUSB-C

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