Ακουστικά gaming BlitzWolf AA-GB4, RGB, 7.1 (μαύρο)


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Blitzwolf AA-GB4 gaming headphones

Dive into the gaming world with Blitzwolf headphones! The 40mm drivers and 4D vibration provide a superior listening experience on a whole new level. The 7.1 virtual surround sound lets you hear the footsteps of an approaching enemy and react in time, while the noise cancellation feature mutes annoying ambient noise. The ergonomic design provides long-lasting comfort, and the RGB backlighting gives the accessory a true gaming feel.


Get invited to a musical feast

The headphones feature 40mm drivers and a 30mm vibration unit, for an even better listening experience. Play your favorite games while enjoying deep bass and rich, detailed sound with AA-GB4. What's more, the 7.1 surround sound lets you hear the footsteps of an approaching enemy and react quickly to the situation.


Dual microphone and noise cancellation

The accessory features a dual microphone that effectively mutes ambient noise for greater comfort and unobstructed communication with other players. You can also adjust its position to suit your needs. You can mute it at any time using the controller located on the cable.



AA-GB4 are distinguished by their ergonomic design, providing comfort for hours of use. The accessory fits tightly on your head, ensuring stability, while the soft, skin-friendly PU foam ear cups provide comfort. The headband has an adjustable function, so you can adjust the headphones to your needs.


Take control of AA-GB4

For even more freedom of use, the headphones are equipped with a controller located on the cable. With its help, you can conveniently manage the operation of the accessory. The knob allows you to adjust the volume, and the buttons allow you to control the LED backlight, vibration function and microphone mute.


RGB backlight

The Blitzwolf headphones will make a great addition to your gaming set. The colorful LED backlighting gives the accessory an interesting look for an even better gaming experience. In addition, with a button located on the controller, you can turn off the backlight at any time.




Diameter50 mm
Frequency response20Hz - 20kHz
Impedance-38 ± 3dB
Cable length240 cm
Weight430 g
Noise cancellationyes, ENC



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