Ασύρματα ακουστικά Baseus Encok W04 TWS, Bluetooth 5.0 (πράσινο)

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Wireless headphones Baseus Encok WM01

Ultra small and lightweight wireless headphones. The charging case is compact in size, so it is very easy to carry and will fit into any backpack or purse. It is available in four colours: white, black, green and violet.

Comfort of use

The headphones pair with each other within seconds of being removed from the charging case. Smoothly switch between single and dual mode without the need for pairing again.

High quality technology

The use of the latest technology enables a dual connection of the left and right handset, providing a smoother wireless connection. The design of the headphones allows you to achieve clear sound with strong bass and very good noise level.


Baseus Encok WM01 are compatible with all bluetooth devices running on Android, Apple or Windows. They also support the use of voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant.


NameEncok True Wireless Earphones WM01
Product codeNGWM01-06
Maximum distance10 m
Standby time250 hours
Time of play5 hours (on 70% volume)
Total working time (with charging of the headphones in the case)25 hours
Battery capacity (headphones)40mAh
Battery capacity (case)300mAh
Charging time1.5 hours
Case charging connectorUSB-C
Frequency20 Hz - 20 KHz
CompatibilityAll devices supporting the standard Bluetooth
Size of headphones25mm x 20mm
Case size43mm x 30mm x 43mm

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