Αδιάβροχος φορτιστής Allin της Telesin με 3 υποδοχές για GoPro Hero 8 + 3 μπαταρίες (GP-BNC-803)

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Waterproof 3-slot charger for GoPro Hero 8 + 3 batteries

This practical, compact accessory allows you to quickly charge 3 batteries at once for your GoPro Hero 8. It's made of durable, environmentally friendly materials. Thanks to its IP54 water resistance, you can use it on a daily basis. In addition, 3 batteries for GoPro Hero 8 camera are included.


Fast and safe charging

The charger features fast charging, so your camera will be ready for shooting again quickly. With the accessory, you will charge 3 batteries at once in about 2 hours, saving you time. Moreover, the red indicator indicates charging, and the green indicator - a fully charged battery. Furthermore, the charger has overvoltage and overcharge protection for safe charging.


Batteries included

In addition to the charger, in the box you will also find 3 batteries for the GoPro Hero 8. The high-density lithium-ion batteries are the same size as the original batteries, making them a great fit for both the camera and charger. Plus, you can safely use them in cold temperatures. Recording at 4K30 resolution at -20°C allows you to create about 67min of footage, which is almost the same as the original battery.



The charger is made of environmentally friendly materials and features high durability and resistance to damage. It uses fire-resistant PC and food-grade silicone. It also has an IP54 water resistance rating, so you can use it freely without worrying about damage. Now you can recharge your GoPro Hero 8 anytime, no matter where you are recording.



The accessory is both stylish and functional. The 200g weight and compact size make it easy to store the charger. You can successfully fit it in your backpack or bag. Transport is easy with the included lanyard, which you can attach to your backpack, bag or hang on your finger.


In the box

  • GoPro 8 charger
  • 3 batteries for GoPro 8
  • Charging cable




Input voltage5V / 2A
Output voltage4.4V 800mA
Material (charger)PC V0, food-grade silicone
Weight (charger)200g
Charging timeabout 2h
Waterproof levelIP54
Battery capacity1220mAh (each)
Battery typelithium-ion
CompatibilityGoPro Hero 8 batteries



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